Saint Narcissus was a second century Patriarch of Jerusalem.


Saint Narcissus was the thirtieth Patriarch of Jerusalem, assuming the position of Patriarch in the second half of the second century when he was already over 80 years old. In 195, Patriarch Narcissus, together with Theophilus, Bishop of Caesarea, presided over a council held by the bishops in Caesarea, and it was decreed that Easter was to be always kept on a Sunday, and not with the Jewish Passover.

He suffered from false accusations against him and withdrew from his role as Patriarch, going to live in seclusion. It soon became apparent that the accusations against him were false. At a very advanced age, he returned to Jerusalem and was persuaded to take up the role of Patriarch once again, which he did with the assistance of a younger bishop, Alexander, who became his successor. Narcissus died at the age of 117 in about 212.