Pope Gregory I was a trained Roman lawyer and talented administrator, a monk, a missionary, a preacher, above all a physician of souls and a leader of men. His great claim to remembrance lies in the fact that he is the real father of the medieval papacy.


Gregory was born in Rome in about 540 and died as Pope on March 12, 604. He is certainly one of the most notable figures in the history of the Western Church. He has exercised in many respects a momentous influence on the doctrine, the organization, and the discipline of the Catholic Church.

A monk, he was elevated to the position of Pope and had a decisive influence on the Christianization of the barbarian tribes in Europe. His homilies are still meditated upon today and among them well known commentaries on books of the Bible like Job, Song of Songs and Ezekiel. He organized both the structures and the liturgy of the Latin Church. In connection with the liturgical reforms he initiated, he is traditionally credited for having ordered the simplification and cataloging of music assigned to specific celebrations in the church calendar. Gregorian chant is named for him.

In his memory, we can pray using Gregorian chant

1. Kyrie elseison
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2. True God
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3. Veni Creator Spiritus
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