Mar Maroun, a fourth century monk. Was the founder of the Maronite Church whose center today is in Lebanon. He was renowned because of his exemplary life, his spirituality and the miracles he performed.


Maroun was born in the middle of the fourth century and died in 410. As a monk and a hermit, he went to live in the mountainous region next to Antioch. His life and spiritual teaching attracted many disciples. Saint John Chrysostom, bishop in Byzantium, wrote a letter to Mar Maroun in 405, asking him to pray for him.

Mar Maroun is considered the founder of the Maronite Church which renewed its union with the Church of Rome in the Middle Ages. The Church lives according to the unique tradition that was passed down from generation to generation by the monks, disciples of Mar Maroun, in the Syriac language (a language close to Aramaic).

This feast is an important day for Lebanon and gives us the occasion to pray for the Christians there.

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