In the Catholic calendar there are two feasts of the angels, one on September 29, of the Archangels, and one on October 2, of the Guardian Angels. Angels in the Bible are special messengers of God who come to the human person.

The three archangels, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, are mentioned in the Bible by name and are this different from the other angels. Michael is mentioned in Daniel 10:13, in the Epistle of Judah 1:9 and in Revelation 12:7; Gabriel is mentioned in Daniel 8:16 and in Luke 1:19 and 26; and Raphael is mentioned in Tobit 7:8. The name of each one reveals a special element in his mission: Michael – who is like God; Gabriel – the might of God and Raphael – God healed.


The feasts of the Archangels and of the Guardian Angels remind us that God is constantly watching over us and protecting us. The angels are messengers of his presence in our lives: bringing us his word, expressing his fidelity, strengthening us in times of trial and guiding our footsteps.