The older members of the Desert Flower group met for the first time alone in Jerusalem on the weekend of October 27 and 28, 2017, in order to enter the "Salt and Light" project - a series of eight meetings, focusing on the Ten Commandments as a way of life.

salt light 27.10.2017

The group will attempt to explore and deepen the understanding of the texts from the Old Testament and the New Testament in order to become familiar with God's plan for the human person.

In the first session, critical questions were asked to each believer: How to know that God exists? What is being God? Why does He want to be my God alone? Why do I need Him? Do His commandments limit or increase my freedom?

Two discussion sessions, prayers, mass, meals, and finally a film and a summary formed the pattern of the program.

Asil writes about these two days:

"Salt and light, that's how we opened our first and exciting meeting, “salt and light” is the name of our group, the graduates of Desert Flower.

We have learned to appreciate God a little more and try to bring Him into our lives more, with examples from our personal lives.

The feeling of crystallization of the group and openness was extraordinary, we felt like one family and united, we learned to express ourselves and take position in the presence of one another. "

All participants and organizers wish a lot of success and accompany them in our prayers.