One of our young people, Elena Nimer from Tiberias is competing in the Miss Progress Israel competition and you can support her on their website.


Elena Nimer, 18 years old from the Tiberias kehillah, presents herself on the web page of Miss Progress Israel 2017 in the following terms:

“I help and contribute to society, volunteer during children’s summer camps, work with my parents in our family culinary business. I keep good contact with my friends and am always concerned that they should be content. I visit interesting locations and holy places in different countries. I am very responsible and always want everything to be successful and good.”

When asked with which values of the contest she particularly identified with, Elena responded:

“Human rights. I chose this value because I think this is an important value and every person deserves to receive his or her natural rights. Every person has the right to receive respect and equality in society. Every person has the right to protect his or her good name without anyone harming his reputation. When I was young in school, I suffered from verbal racism and even some violence from children in my class. In the course of the years, I understood that I too have a right to have all the human rights. Every person has rights from the moment he or she is born and I think it is important that everyone has these rights. Therefore I think it is important.”

Visit Elena's web page here