On Friday, September 8, 2017, the Indian community in Beer Sheba celebrated the Onam Festival, a harvest festival originating in Kerala, India.


On Friday, the Indian community in Beer Sheba celebrated the traditional Onam Festival. The feast was organized by the Israel Malayalam Association. Father Piotr participated in the celebrations together with Father Gioele (the former parish priest in Beer Sheba), who is visiting that the parish during his vacation. The festival started with a procession on the streets of the Old City towards the Arabica Auditorium. About 400 participants and the representatives of the local authorities could enjoy the program filled with songs, dances as well as honoring the winners of sport competitions. Father Piotr handed to the winners the cup for the cricket team, Royals Beer Sheba that won a competition in Tel Aviv.

Onam Festival is very popular in Kerala region. It is the feast of harvest that was adopted by Christian community.

The next day Father Piotr visited some Indian migrant workers to participate in private celebrations with festive Indian food.