In the squalid neighborhoods of south Tel Aviv, the Catholic Church maintains a little oasis that serves the migrant populations that live there. Here we introduce the team that is committed to service at Our Lady Woman of Valor Pastoral Center.

olwv team

The photograph was taken after a monthly coordination meeting at the Pastoral Center. In the photo, from left to right, are:

Sister Lerma: Sister of Saint Paul of Chartres from the Philippines, she is in charge of the ministry to the sick and also works hard in the music ministry. In her free time, Sister Lerma tends a flourishing garden around the center.

Father Medhin: diocesan priest from Adigarat diocese in Ethiopia, Ge’ez rite, he is the chaplain to the Eritrean and Ethiopian communities in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Eilat. He also is a member of the Prison Chaplaincy.

Daniel: a native of Jaffa, member of the Latin parish at saint Anthony, he is the manager of the property and the all-round handy man, making sure that everything works.

Sister Clarice: Sister of Perpetual Help from Sri Lanka, she is the chaplain for the Sri Lankan Catholic community.

Father David: Latin Patriarchal Vicar, responsible for the church’s ministry to migrants in Israel (and in his arms Yarden, son of Katrin).

Katrin: German civil peace worker and social worker at the Center, she guides the team, runs the youth ministry, advises on every aspect of the outreach programs of the Center.

Father Tojy: Franciscan and chaplain of the large and diverse Indian Catholic community in the Holy Land.

Father Mako: diocesan priest from San Jose Nueva Ecija in the Philippines, he is the priest in charge of the Divine Mercy Filipino community and the director of the Pastoral Center.

Missing from the photo are:

Sister Regina: Sister of Saint Paul of Chartres from the Philippines, who is the assistant administrator of the Center, engaged in all ministries.

Sister Dinesha: Sister of Perpetual Help from Sri Lanka, who is the director of the infant day care center at the Pastoral Center.