Father Benny, priest in charge of the community reports some recent news.

hffcn mass afula2

On Saturday, June 17, 2017, we had our second monthly mass in Afula. More than thirty attended the mass, including a few Indian migrant workers in the area with their corresponding charges. A special blessing of fathers, on the occasion of Fathers’ Day was given at the end of mass.

After the mass, the Council had a meeting in the presence of some members who stayed behind. Since the charge of our Coordinator, Edith Marasigan, died, she cannot stay any longer in the country. She had already availed herself of a special visa while taking care of this last charge. Thus, in accord with our By-Laws, Genevieve Zohair of Nazareth, the Assistant Coordinator, was chosen to succeed Edith and finish her term until the next elections in December of this year. Consequently a new Assistant Coordinator had to be chosen; namely, Lorna Nool, who became also the Area Coordinator for Afula 1, a post held previously by Edith. A new Area Coordinator for Afula 2 was also chosen since Anna Arizala, who was absent at that time, confirmed by telephone that she was not able to fulfill her function anymore, though she promised to continue to be of help to the Community. The new Afula 2 Area Coordinator will be Cristina Magsino. The turnover of the finances will take place next month on July 15, which shall serve also as the Community’s despedida to Edith, who will fly back to Manila on July 17. We thanked Edith for her dedication to her office as HFFCN Coordinator and Afula 1 Area Coordinator during these past months. We pray that her readjustment to her family after many years of absence will go well. The same thanks was rendered to Anna. We wish all the best to Genevieve, who takes over the HFFCN Coordination, to Lorna, who accepted to be the HFFCN Assistant Coordinator and Afula 1 Area Coordinator, and to Cristina, our new Afula 2 Area Coordinator.

We also decided to start the formation of lectors for our community’s liturgical celebrations next month, once we get the materials needed. Moreover, it was decided also to request the Office of the Labor Attaché in our Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv to conduct a seminar on financial literacy for as many migrants as possible on August 12, 2017, before the monthly mass in Afula. A letter has been sent to the Embassy and we hope we shall get a favorable reply. The schedule for the monthly masses in Afula until November 2017, when winter sets in again, was confirmed inthe meeting.

hffcn afula2