Father Piotr, parish priest of Beer Sheba, reports on an interfaith event at the Levinski College in Tel Aviv, on Sunday, May 14, 2017.

levinski 1

On Sunday, an inter-religious event took place at the Levinski College for Education in Tel Aviv. The entire day was dedicated to the promotion of education for common life in a multi-cultural society. Among the Christian participants were Father Apolinary, responsible for the kehilla in Jaffa and Father Piotr, parish priest in the kehilla in Beer Sheba.

The meeting for the students of education started with a panel discussion and continued in groups. Questions dealt with the problems and advantages that the presence of various religions brings to Israeli society. Muslim, Druze, Jewish and Christian representatives discussed together the topics presented by the students. The final act of the day was planting together an olive tree, as a symbol of peace. The presence of the officials from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Interior as well as a letter from the President of Israel to the participants in the meeting gave a high profile to the event. Many of the students underlined at the end their hopes that such meetings will continue in the future.

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