Father Roman, responsible for the Haifa kehilla, reports on the receiving of first communion on Saturday, February 11, 2017.

artur haifa1

On Saturday, Arthur, 9 years old, received his first communion. There is a very beautiful story behind this event.

Arthur had been preparing for this important step in his life for about a year and a half already. For the first time, he would receive the Body and Blood of Christ. Father Roman was planning that the sacrament would be conferred in May or June as is the custom. However, about a month and a half ago, two extraordinary events changed the planned course of events.

First of all, during the Hannuka camp, in the course of the daily mass, Father Roman noticed that Arthur was approaching Father David and was about to receive the Body of Christ. Father Roman rushed to approach Father David in order to tell him that Arthur should not receive because he had not yet had his first communion. However, he did not succeed to get there on time as he almost slipped on the straw that had been spread out on the floor of the chapel. Thus, Arthur, with the innocence of a child, received communion.

After the camp, Father Roman intended to speak to Arthur about this and explain that he had to wait a little while still before he could receive first communion in a few more months. However, during the first class after the camp, before Father Roman could even open his mouth to speak with him, Arthur arrived and asked to speak to Father Roman. He wanted to make a confession. To his great surprise, and because there was no serious reason not to hear his confession, Father Roman agreed to listen to Arthur.

The result was that after the confession, Father Roman suggested to Arthur’s parents not to wait for the planned celebration of first communion but to celebrate first communion in the month of February. Thus, last Saturday, we had a beautiful and special event, which was a source of joy for the members of Arthur’s family and all the members of the Haifa kehilla.