Father Roman, responsible for the Haifa kehilla, reports on important birthdays in his kehilla.

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At the end of January, we celebrated the birthdays of three well known members of our kehilla in Haifa, Antoinette, Elisheva and Cecile. Antoinette turned 90 this year. Her sisters joined her from France on this occasion. On Saturday, January 28, 2017, there was a more private celebration in Elisheva’s home. As is the case every year, Cecile arrived all the way from Jerusalem with some friends because Elisheva and Cecile celebrate their birthday on the same day. Antoinette and her sisters joined the celebration as did Father Roman and Stella. On the following day, Sunday, more friends came to Elisheva’s home to celebrate and among them Martha and Viviani, members of the kehilla who manage the two homes for the elderly Elisheva founded in Haifa and in Nahariya. They came with members of staff from the two houses. On Saturday, February 4, after the charismatic prayer meeting, we once again celebrated Antoinette’s birthday because she loves very much this style of prayer. During the time of prayer, she said that God was asking her and all the others to kindle a new fire in their hearts. She said that despite being 90 years old and not always feeling at her best, she wanted to do the will of God with all her heart. The celebrations were all joyful and held in an atmosphere of friendship. We wish Antoinette, Elisheva and Cecile much joy and spiritual strength to continue their lives and we thank them for all they have contributed over the years to our communities.