Father Roman, responsible for the Haifa kehilla, participated with members of his community, in a special prayer in Nazareth during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

unity nazareth

On Wednesday, February 1, 2017, Christians from the Galilee met in order to pray for the unity of the disciples of Jesus in the Center of Mary, run by the Chemin Neuf community in Nazareth. The prayer was led by Bishop Boulos Marcuzzo from the Latin Church, Among the participants were representatives of the different Churches, Maronite, Greek Catholic, Anglican and others. Father Roman, responsible for the Hebrew speaking Catholic community in Haifa also participated in the prayer together with members from his community. The prayer was conducted in English and Arabic however at the time of the prayer of the faithful there were also prayers in Italian, Portuguese and also in Hebrew. The members of the Chemin Neuf community prepared a very interesting and meaningful prayer. At the beginning of the prayer, during the communal prayer for pardon, they brought to the altar twelve boxes and each one had the name of a sin written on it which contributes to the lack of unity. With these boxes, they built a wall. At the end of the prayer, the wall was dissembled and with the same boxes they built another kind of wall and on it was the design of the cross of Christ. This was the theme of the readings and the subject of the homily that was delivered during the ceremony: the cross is the way to victory over sin and to reconciliation among people and communities.